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Proprietor's Blend (Light) - Atsum Effengood Coffee

Proprietor's Blend (Light)

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At the bottom of Atsum's chest we found an old wooden sign with, "Atsum Effengood -Sole Proprietor," carved in it.

As we looked through the chest, we found a photo with a large sign in the background for Effengood Trading & Shipping Co, with a smaller obscured sign attached to the bottom that we think was this sign.

No matter what our profession, we are all sole proprietors of our dreams and futures, and we felt it to be an apt name to represent our flagship blend.

Flavor Profile: Nutty & Chocolate with a slight fruity finish, this coffee is roasted to be smooth and balanced."

Package: 12 oz / 16 oz / 5 lbs

*Because we are a specialty roaster, our coffee is roasted weekly on Thursdays. All orders received each Monday by 3 pm CST will be included in that week's roast, and 2-day shipped within 24 hours to ensure ultimate freshness.