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Join the Effengood Team

The reinvention of the Effengood Trading Co. is steeped in the hard work, ethics and morals of its founder, Atsum Effengood. Stories of Atsum's giving and conservation efforts are evidenced in his journal and other documents we found in the chest. 

Atsum did this, so we are doing it now, in different ways during different times.  We are doing it through our Effengood Team, made up of influencers, athletes, actors, musicians, environmentalists and any other being who feels as strongly about this planet and the people on it as we do.

We strive to create, produce and distribute products that people around the globe can enjoy, while also being mindful about the land and people they are produced from.

Our Effengood Team, through various channels and media, use our products on their platforms, and a % of all sales go towards a variety of foundations we all care deeply about, and of course a % of those sales also go to you to continue to be out in this world being awesome. 

Together, we can get great products to the masses, while also bringing awareness, creating change and celebrating life.

Beyond giving a percentage of sales to our Effengood Team and foundation partners, we also sponsor our Team members in their everyday passions and efforts to be great. 

We can't wait to have you on the Effengood Team!

Devin Halden