About Us

When we decided to revive our grandfather's coffee company our primary focus was to offer only the best coffees from his journal. Of the hundreds of different coffee brands our grandfathered compiled over the years, organized specifically by region and flavor profiles, we selected the top 4 that we felt had the best flavor, were unlike other flavor profiles on the market and best represented what our grandfather intended the brand to stand for.

The Original

Perhaps the easiest choice is from the region my father most often visited, and lived for 5 years, Cost Rica. The Original is exactly that, the very first coffee bean my father tasted and then decided to package and gift.

Saturday Night

The images of our grandfather on each package is significant, and the red jacket he is wearing on our Saturday Night coffee resembeles his Saturday evening jacket he would wear to the dinner club.  He preferred a darker roast in the evening, and his journal specifically states that his favorite Saturday evening post-dinner coffee was a Colombian dark.

The Traveler

Our grandfather spend a great deal of his life on trains and boats, traveling to various regions of the coffee belt in search of that elusive perfect coffee bean. We felt it was important to honor our grandfathers commitment to his passion, and his journal has countless entries of the many adventures he experienced during his travels.


Our grandfather traveled alone up until the end of his life when he began bringing our grandfather, Itsum, along. Our grandfather has many great stories of he and Atsum traveling the world, but one memory in particular, a trip to Hawaii, is one of his fondest. Hawaii was the last trip our great grandfather made, so we felt adding a Hawaiian bean to represent the last bean our great grandfather added to his journal would be a good way to bookend his extraordinary life through his passion for coffee.

Though Atsum Effengood's journal has hundreds of coffees from hundreds of regions and secret locations, we feel our Signature Brews best represent the life of our Great Grandfather. We do plan on adding others, and would like to do so after hearing from you, our loyal customers and friends.