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Traveler (Medium) - Atsum Effengood Coffee

Traveler (Medium)

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 From a very early age, Atsum was always on the move. He learned the ropes of entrepreneurialism while employed as an errand boy for Delmonico's in New York city and turned the old railcar he won off J.P. Morgan and friends into his first company, Effengood Trading and Shipping Co.

He chased his dreams and curiosities around the world looking for herbs, spices and any other product he felt the world should know about. And, of course, he fell in love with the coffee bean during one of his travels to South America. One of Atsum's favorite phrases was "Wander often, wonder always."

Without Atsum's travel his customers would not have been introduced to so many worldly products, and perhaps, they also would not have had the privilege to have a cup of Effengood coffee. 

Flavor Profile: Roasted to create balance, this coffee has a nutty, chocolately profile with a medium body.

Package: 12 oz / 16 oz / 5 lbs

*Because we are a specialty roaster, our coffee is roasted weekly to ensure ultimate freshness.